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What I Envisioned Years Ago With No Way to Make it Happen is Now Real!

What I Envisioned Years Ago With No Way to Make it Happen is Real Today!

Muggy Palo Alto Summer days

The cacophony of birds

Mix with unusual occurrences of mosquitos and beetles

Swarming in my bathroom at night.


Like messengers sent

Lest I forget.

These birds and bugs

Warm my heart

Sparking sweet memories of

sticky Julys in La Manzanilla.


How I longed to be there

But how?

Determined to get back to where I belong

After a long absence

I made the commitment

I found a way.


Renewed purpose

Replace nostalgia and longing

Once again

I would be heading home.


Like the annual reunions in Same Time Next Year




Sustain me

Through two last tough weeks at work.


I make my trek

Stepping off the plane in Manzanillo

Heat and humidity

Welcome me back!


After a year and a half

And eighteen hours of travel

I finally enter my house

La Casa Sagrada del Jaguar

I crash happy

I crash hard.


It doesn’t take long for

That familiar

Morning after feeling

To hit me like a brick the next day.


Awesome burdens


Future repairs

Every where I looked.


Patio falling apart

Hammocks destroyed

Nowhere to lie to

Enjoy this luscious yard

Mattress ruined

How will I pay for all of this?

Am I living an illusion?

I escape these questions

With  a nap.


Breeze becomes wind

Cooling clouds return

Along with mosquitos

And beetles

And frogs

And birds

And towering

Flowering tamarindo trees

And a plethora of butterflies

Drinking from the blossoms of the

Huele de la Novia bush

I planted 8 years ago

Now it stands  12 ft. high

With a carpet of petals below.


I write

And write

And write

Tedious changes of my book revision

Bring fatigue with every page.


I walk outside




My favorite things.


Nightime hits

Windows open

Intoxicating fragrance

Fill yard and house.


In this dizziness

I dream of Persian courtyards

Long ago.


Everywhere I look

(beyond my rotting patio)

Is beauty

The grace of nature.


Next day

Evening comes

Swollen dark clouds

Like milk filled breasts

Tease the soil.


After much anticipation

They release

Offering wet for all who thirst

I celebrate with

Every bird


Palm tree


And person.


How glorious

Water can be

When we thirst

For so long.


Is it real or is it just me?

For now

I am not looking at

Things to be done

I am not worried about

How to do all of this


How to pay for all of this.


I enjoy cool rain

Sounds of happy birds


And this place

I call





Thick air


Wherever I look.


This is real

I am in love

And I think it’s for life!

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