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Teaching our children from the very beginning how to recognize the signs of physical and emotional imbalance will reap may fruits.

When a body is out of balance it communicates to us. Babies do this by crying, toddlers by acting out, school children and teenagers through challenging behaviors or health issues.

It is time to change the status quo and stop reaching for a bottle of medication when symptoms occur.

Each symptom is a sign that their are unmet needs.

When a person is constipated, they need either one or all of three things: more water, more fibrious foods in their diet and/or more exercise. A bottle of processed fiber is not the solution to long term digestive health. By not providing more real food, the body suffers from lack, producing more problems.

In the U.S. and now in other industrialized countries, the pharmaceutical industry has spent billions on courting physicians to recommend and push products as well as advertising to change the mindset of consumers from a preventive to a symptomatic approach.

Not only does this approach prove to be more costly to the consumer and governments who are buying into this methodology, the side effects of medications promote the need for more medical intervention, hence a further increased profit margin to the pharmaceutical industry.

We need to teach our children when they are young to listen to the signals. Many of these signals arise from 4 basic unmet needs that I call “The S.A.N.E. Principle.” Sleep, Attitude (of Accountability), Nutrition and Exercise (especially outdoor exercise). If we can teach our children and ourselves to ensure we have these 4 core needs met above all as a Problem Solving Model, we can work towards a more preventive approach to many of the symptoms we see in both children and adults today.

More on this later! You can also go to http://TheNew Physicsof for other resources.

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