Who’s My Daddy? (So I can wish him a Fabulous Father’s Day)

My mother went to her grave without disclosing the fact that I even had a different father. She was an airline stewardess with American Airlines in the late 1950’s close to the time she became pregnant with me. I was born in early November, 1958. She worked out of Buffalo, New York. She was also a jazz groupie and hung out with the Stan Kenton crowd in upstate New York.

She put the name Jordan on my later adoption papers (which I received years after her death). I am listed as Christina Jordan on those adoption papers which were filed in Queens, NY in 1962.

She moved across the US to Monterey and lived in the basement of Kalisa’s for a few months when she was pregnant with me.

This very personal information is meant to attract someone who may have known my mother at the time and may have known who the man with the last name of Jordan was. Was he a saxophone player? Was he an airline pilot? Was he actually my father? If the Mr. Jordan she dated around this time was an African American sax player, he is not my father and a name she just put on my birth cerficate to satisfy the name in the box titled, ‘Father.” I need to know this to in order to eliminate his search.

My mother had me when she was around 22; she was born in 1935. Her name: Roanne Milga Lindquist. She was blonde, beautiful and very intelligent.

ANY clues are important!

Thank you and praise those who know their birth parents! You are blessed more than you realize!


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4 responses to “Who’s My Daddy? (So I can wish him a Fabulous Father’s Day)

  1. Best of luck in your search. I can’t imagine never knowing one’s father or even the identity of one’s father.

  2. Jo

    Hi. My father and your grandfather (Roy) were cousins. My family (from Minnesota) visited your grandparents and Roanne, Judy, and Billy in Woodside the summer of 1960. I was only 15 years old at the time, but I remember my mother mentioning that Roanne had a baby by an airline pilot who was married. I remember Roanne was a very beautiful woman.

    • Hello Jo!

      I have been in a bit of shock since reading your comment this evening! You have no idea how something that may seem so small to you is huge for myself and my family! I would love to communicate with you via email. christinaivazes@gmail.com Do you remember seeing the baby (me) during your visit? I was always told that Mommy never told anyone who it was. After she died, and years later when I found out my father was not my father, my grandmother still acted as if she didn’t know. Perhaps she had blocked it out. My mother was a stewardess with American Airlines in Buffalo, NY during the time I was conceived at the end of January 1958. It only makes sense and was my first thought, but you have made it a stronger possibility. Thank you! If you have any other info, please contact me via email. It would be nice to know you since we are related! I have a bit of history from our family in Finland but not a lot from my grandfather’s side. THank you for finding me! Christina

  3. Amberlynn Pinkerton

    Wow 🙂 would you be willing to share more information? (this is Christina’s daughter) I’m not sure if she already replied to you or not. Thank you so much, we are really trying to figure out the mystery of this missing part of our family history.

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