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9/11 & Another Perspective on “Imagine”

   September 11, 2001 became an inspiration for me to dream the most fantastic reality possible to rise from the ashes of thousands of lives lost. As CNN replayed the twin towers imploding and news journalists interviewed survivors and first responders, my child’s mind formed an image I wrote in a poem I called “Imagine.” It seemed to be channeled by a combination of John Lennon’s idealism and Steven Spielburg’s creativity to transform the supernatural into a story on film for us to embrace.   

After a few laptop crashes, several moves and ten years later, I am not able to locate  my original poem or file, but that vision in my mind of an idyllic world following our American 9/11 tragedy is still within me. I can see it on the big screen, but at the very least, here on my blog on this day, 10 years after the events that sparked my imagination of what could be, if only we would allow ourselves to go that deep:

“Imagine”twin by Christina Ivazes

Is it possible for you to imagine a horror so penetrating that it shatters all material, trivial, gossip and power-driven superficial reality?

9 11   Is it possible for you to imagine a figure three days later, emerging from the rubble of the fallen towers?

Is it possible for you to imagine this figure, a man crawling out virtually unscathed by the devastation around, walking peacefully and calmly?

Is it possible for you to imagine a sleep deprived reporter and cameraman rushing over to the figure to interview him?

Is it possible for you to imagine yourself as this reporter for one moment, a reporter that is just as wounded as every other American by this violation on our soil?

Is it possible for you to imagine this man that walked out of the rubble actually looking into your eyes as the reporter, and causing you to drop to your knees sobbing because instead, he is asking you what you are feeling, where you really need to be in that moment and who you really need to be with?

Is it possible for you to imagine this man asking you a question that completely transforms your idea of what is real and what is not?

Is it possible for you to imagine something that someone could ask you that would actually explode all of your present beliefs and paradigms and replace them with a new set of higher-minded paradigms that insist you change the way you live from this moment forward?

Is it possible for you to imagine this person that climbed out of the rubble of destruction is walking throughout the ruins asking the same questions of every reporter and every last person he can find in his vicinity?

Is it possible for you to imagine a deep sense of inner longing becoming unlodged by his questions to every person he meets and that this person sets off a chain reaction throughout the entire city, the entire country, the entire planet?

asd   Is it possible for you to imagine that with this chain reaction, another reality is created based on the authentic and connected values of human, animal and natural life that respects all living beings and elements on our planet?

Is it possible for you to imagine that out of such a tragedy of immense magnitude can come an even larger healing of our planet and people, creating the Utopia we all deserve; a Utopia every living, breathing thing on our planet deserves?

Is it possible for you to look so deeply inside yourself right now and acknowledge that that person from the rubble is you and that you can find that authentic and deeply connected purpose and way to relate to every person you come in contact with from this moment on?




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